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Dr. Vladimir Nosov

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Boulevard K. Luchko, 16
350089, Krasnodar, Russia
A native of Moscow region, Dr. Nosov received his Ph.D. in Soil Science in 1997 at Lomonosov Moscow State University, Faculty of Soil Science, Department of Soil Chemistry. Earlier, he earned his M.Sc. at the same university in 1994. Dr. Nosov started his career as a Scientific Officer at Lubertsy Agricultural Research Station in Moscow region of Russia from 1998 to 2002, while also serving as Assistant Coordinator, Former Soviet Union, for the International Potash Institute (IPI).From 2003 to 2008, Dr. Nosov served in the Marketing Department of the International Potash Company, based in Moscow. His duties included global market research on potash and dry bulk fertilizers, and in 2007 he was named acting head of the Department. From 2003 to 2006, he was a Vice President (Agriculture) of the Union of Producers and Exporters of Potash and Salt, based in St. Petersburg. During this time he was also a member of the managing committee of the International Potash Company-Indian Potash Ltd. Potash Promotion Project in India. From 2003 to 2008, he was also active as Coordinator for IPI in India, Bangladesh, and Sri Lanka, focused on potash fertilizer use in South Asian agriculture.Dr. Nosov is the author/co-author of more than 60 publications on the behavior of potassium in soils, on the efficiency of potash fertilizer application, and on the status of mineral fertilizer use in Russia and South Asia. He is editor of two books on mineral fertilizer use, and a participant in numerous field days for farmers, seminars, con­ferences, and agricultural fairs. He has an extensive list of published research papers, as well as pro­ceedings of symposiums, conferences, and workshops, review papers, and electronic publications.Dr. Nosov is a member of the Dokuchaev Soil Science Society of Russia.


M.Sc. 1994 Moscow State University (Soil Science and Agrochemistry)
Ph.D. 1997 Moscow State University (Soil Science)