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30 Jan 2015Comparison of soil test methods for phosphorus and potassium in Southern Russia

Dr. V. Nosov, Dr. O. Biryukova, Dr. D. Bozhkov

14 Dec 2011Crop production in Russia, 2008

Dr. S.Ivanova

14 Dec 2011No-tillage Systems

Dr. A. Johnston

13 Dec 2011Crop Production in Russia 2009

Dr. S.Ivanova

08 Dec 2011A Global Framework for Fertilizer BMPs

By T.W. Bruulsema, C. Witt, Fernando García, Shutian Li, T. Nagendra Rao, Fang Chen, and S. Ivanova

08 Dec 2011Russian Agriculture Performance

Agricultural production in Russia is particularly subject to frost and drought. Fertilization accounts for about 10% of crop yields in the south to more than 30% in north Russia. According to the last soil survey (2005), 42% of Russia’s arable soils are low in humus, 44% have unfavorable acidity level and need lime, 21% are low and very low in P, and 10% low and very low in K. Fertilizer efficiency is low because of the problems with soil acidity.