18 Jan 2012

Be your own Soybean Doctor

in Russian

Producing high yield, high quality soybeans may appear simple on the surface. To someone driving down the road or flying over a soybean field, it might look fairly easy: just plant the seeds, stand back and let them grow, then return at the end of the growing season to harvest and market, right?
But wait a minute... suppose there is a problem with an area of a field, or maybe an entire field. is it a nutrient deficiency of toxicity? Too much or too little moisture? Could it be a plant disease or some kind of insect? may be a situation related to a herbicide, fungicide or the other plant protection product, or even a seed problem? A combination of causes?
While prevention may be the best medicine, sometimes a field problem must be treated almost like a crime scene. Diagnostic tests such as analysis of topsoil, subsoil, and plant tissue may be in order. Even if you have field scouts cheking your crop, there is no substitute for walking the rows and taking a close look at the plants and growing conditions yourself...

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